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Why choose Javed Mathematics Centre ?

  • Experienced Guidance: With years of teaching under his belt, Mr. Javed brings a wealth of experience to the table. His proven teaching methods have helped countless students grasp complex concepts with ease.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Whether you're just starting your mathematical journey or aiming to excel in advanced topics, our course covers a wide range of topics for class XI, XII, IIT-JEE (Mains & Advanced) and NEET (to Secure High Score in Physics).

  • Personalized Approach: We understand that every student is unique, and our personalized teaching style ensures that each learner receives the attention he/she need to succeed.

  • Interactive Learning: Boredom has no place in our classes! Get ready for interactive lessons that incorporate engaging activities, quizzes, and real-world examples to make mathmatics come alive.

  • Building Strong Foundations: We believe in building strong foundations in mathematics as they pave the way for future academic success and problem-solving skills.

Students Success Rate
  • Best Preparation for IIT-JEE(Mains & Advanced), XI And XII (Extensive)
  • Students Performance appraisal and tracking of their performance

Lets Talk About Javed Sir

A confident, enthusiastic and hardworking mathematics teacher who is highly skilled in teaching students for IIT JEE whilst at the same time encourage them to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence. Possessing extensive knowledge of contemporary teaching methodologies, an innate passion for teaching and abiding interest in nurturing talent.

  • M.Sc.(Mathematics)
  • National Scholarship Recipient
  • Effective Articulation & Communication Skill
  • Unique Art of Delivering the Concepts to Develop a Rational & Logical Thinking Mechanism, Strong Imagination and Analytical skill to Tackle Innovative & Creative Problems in the most Economical & Lucid Approach.

Author of “Problems in Algebra for IIT JEE & AIEEE” published by McGraw Hill Publication.


We Provide Best Preparation
for XI, XII ( Extensive ), IIT-JEE(Mains & Advanced) and NEET(to Secure High Score in physics)

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I will recommend the students who are preparing for JEE to take the opportunity to learn mathematics from Javed sir. Students aspiring to score good in mathematics in 11
and 12 should also enrol with Javed Mathematics Center, as Javed Sir provides very holistic approach of clearing the board examination equally well. Very soon his classes will be made available online and will equally benefit even those students who are at remote locations.


Aamna Abdin

Javed Sir solved my doubts and cleared the basics which have been proven useful even during my Btech subjects. Calculus is rather hard especially JEE level but Javed Sir’s assignments gave me a lot of practise in this topic so much so that it became one of my strongest topics. His in depth analysis of topics is something every student should look forward to. I still remember how he made Permutations and Combinations very easy and interesting for me.


Dr. Ahmed Masood Aziz

Javed Sir is a very gifted hard working and far sighted teacher, starts with very basics, clarify each concept for everyone present in class, truely teaching is an art mastered by Javed Sir. His efforts behind each of his students is reflected in many of his students getting selected in many prestigious institutes.
He helped me realise my dreams and shaped my future in the best possible way.


Dilkash Azam

Javed mathematics center by Javed Ahmed Sir gave me that platform where I got the opportunity to build and shape my foundations of Mathematical understanding. The lecture delivery, study materials and periodical tests, all worked together to gradually transform my whole approach of looking at a mathematical problem without ever allowing an element of hype or fear of it. Javed sir is also a great mentor and motivator.